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English writing 3th week)Can computer be a human?

English writing 3th week)Can computer be a human?

Can computer be a human? It may be too philosophical question. So, let’s change the question : can you make a discrimination between computer and human? Here is 2 poems. One is written by human, and another one is written by computer.

Poem 1
A lion roars and a dog barks, It is interesting
and fascinating that a bird will fly and not
roar or bark. Enthralling stories about animals are
in my dreams and I will sing them all if I
am not exhausted and weary.
Oh! kangaroos, sequins, chocolate sodes!
You really are beautifull Pears,
harmonicas, jujubes, aspirins! All
the stuff they’ve always talked about
still makes a poem a surprise!
These things are with us every day
even on beachheads and biers. They
do have meaning. They’re strong as rocks.

Are you confused? Don’t be frustrated. Actually, 50% of people fail to find the poem written by computer.

People are afraid of cutting-edge technology rather than expect better future with it. Among them, people are espectially considering ‘Artificial Inteligence(AI).’ For example, Issac Asimov already made “The Three Laws of Robotics.” Also, the story of world where robot dominates human has been popular concept of Hollywood movies and SF nobles.

Some people are questioning  like “when will AI catch up the intelligence of human?”, with worring about treat of robot that may happens in the future. This question is same as “when will be the time that to make discrimination between human and computer is unable.” If you are having trouble with finding which poem is written by computer, you can not help but agreeing that AI has catched up the intelligence of human in some area. The more frustrating fact is that the AI was invented in 1970s!

Recently, AI named Alphago challenged the champion of Baduk “Sedol Lee.” It is not the first time that computer challenged the champion of board game. However, when it comes to game  Baduk, that has different meaning. Traditional board games are turn-based strategy game. So we calculate the complexity of the board game with the legally permitted action in one turn which is called breadth(b) and the average turns which is needed to end up the game which is called profoundness(p). According to this method, the complexity of  Baduk is 250^150 whereas that of Chess is 35^80. Also, the influence of one action in Baduk is much bigger than that of chess. Because of that reasons, Baduk was regarded as the game difficult for computer to dominate. Also, Inventing Baduk AI becomes important issue as regard to overcoming the limitation of AI. Until now, Alphago defeated chinese pro Fan Hui by a score 5 to 0.

Are you still afraid of the time when AI catches up human? Sorry to say that they already catched us up. Then, what we have to do is just waiting for being dominated by AI in the near future, like the movie Matrix? Fortunately, who makes AI is human and  computer basically is the machine which reflects what we input. So, from now we should concentrate on other issues like : “what are the things we want from AI?”


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